Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 001 - Conversion app will not update.

Has anyone had issues with upgrading Docs CR1 to the CR1 iFix1?
This is the log error:

INFO This iFix is not for your current DocsConversion version. Please double check.

DocsApp and ViewerApp is updated fine, but not the conversion App.
I have gone through the file, and managed to figure out that the script looks for the file “conversion-config.json” in the IBMDocs-Config folder on the DMGR server. (D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\config\cells\appsrv1Cell01\IBMDocs-config)

It looks for the string “ifix_version” with a value >=6
This is a value that does not exist in the conversion-config.json file.

So I manually edited the conversion-config.json file on the dmgr server, to include the “ifix_version” part. I set the value to 6:
It´s located under the "build-info" section and the format is:
    "ifix_version": 7, 

After I did this, the applypatch procedure worked fine, and the conversion app was upgraded sucessfully.

I now see that the upgrade process has set the value to “7”.

"build-info": {    "build_version": "",     "build_description": "IBM Connections Docs 2.0.0",     "ifix_version": 7,     "product_name": "IBM Connections Docs",     "build_timestamp": "20160824-1613"  },

The upgrade history of the server is: Docs 2.0. Then CR1 and then CR1 iFix 001.

I did not install Docs 2.0 ifix 001, 002, 003, 004, 005 first, since the CR1 package should include all of those.

Is this a bug in the upgrade process? Should the "ifix_version" string have been inserted into the conversion-config.json file in one of the previous Docs 2.0 iFix´es? 001? 002? 003?....
I don´t know. But this worked as a nice workaround.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Connections 5.5 Rich Text widget loops the community - a third option to fix the issue

I do not know if this is the correct way to fix the issue (changing the rteJAASAuth user). I have not verified this with IBM yet!!

When doing a migration to 5.5 CR1, there´s an issue with the Rich Text widget.

Adding the widget in a community makes the browser go into a loop of refreshing the page.

Previously, this has helped me fix the issue (thanks you guys!):

And there´s also a technote on this:

In previous migrations, the above mentioned links has worked for me. (Deleting the "conn-rte" entry in OH2P_CLIENTCFG table, located in the HOMEPAGE database, deleting the message stores and switching to a LDAP user + set "everyone" as the reader of the Websphere Application named "RichTextEditors".)

But this time, I discovered another approach that allows me to still use the local "wasadmin" user, and not an LDAP user as the ConnectionsAdmin user.

There is a JAAS - J2C Authentication data called "rteJAASAuth" which I was not aware of.
This one was just laying there with no username and password set.

So I set it to match my ConnectionsAdmin user.

I then shut down the servers, deleted the messageStores, synced the nodes and deleted "temp" and "wstemp" and then started the servers up again.

After this, I had no browser "loopage" in the Community anymore. Problem fixed!

Is this a new role introduced in CR1? Why is it not set during installation of Connections?

In my next migration, I will attempt on setting this JAAS role only, and see if this is enough for the issue to be fixed. I might end up doing all the other stuff as well... we´ll see :-)