Monday, January 2, 2012

Chat with IBM'ers from an external Sametime Client

When switching jobs from beeing an IBM'er to becoming a business partner, I knew about the possibility to use an external sametime client to chat with internal IBM'ers. So I googled a bit and came up with this page:

So the steps are:

1. Register an ID here:

I had a previously registred Developerworks ID, and this did not work, so I created a new one because the one I had was registrered with an IBM email address as the user-id.

2. Then, either start the sametime web-client from here:

Or set up your IBM Sametime Connect client towards this server:
Port: 80 (important!!)

Log in with your IBM userID and password.

3. And then add IBM'ers by selecting "new" and then select the correct community, and check the "Add external users by E-mail Address" and then just type in the email address of the IBM'er you want to contact over Sametime.

If you want to find the email addresses of the people you know inside IBM, see here:

And then you're good to go.


NotesSensei said...

You have actually more options:

:-) stw

Unknown said...

Hi Stephan.

Ahh, yes, that's true. Hopefully more and more IBM'ers will use Greenhouse, bleedyellow and lotuslive :-) Thanks for the input!