Wednesday, November 9, 2016

IBM Sametime emoticons - free of charge :-)

Over the years, I´ve gathered up quite a few emoticons which I have in the Sametime Connect client.

Absolutely free of charge, from me to you :-)

How do you import them into the chat client?
Well, just go like this:

Open up a chat window, and click the smileyface in the toolbar.

Then, click "edit".

Then, to separate my emoticons from the standard ones that Sametime provides, click "new".

Enter a palette name:

Then click "import" and browse to the zip-file you´ve just downloaded.

And voila, the emoticons in the zip-file are all imported.

Then, go back to the chat window, click the smileyface and select your new palette in the dropdown list:

And remember, you can extend the size of this emoticon window, so that you can see more of the selectable icons:

Enjoy :-)


Faruk Kadir said...

Thank You Robert

-hector said...

Hi Robert. The Dropbox link is no longer working. Is the zip file still available for download?

Unknown said...

That´s strange. I haven´t moved the file.
I updated the blog entry with a newly copied dropbox link now. See if that one works for you :-)

Banana said...

Thank you Robert! Appreciate the emoticons.

mbah mo said...

Hello Robert, unfortunately your link shows empty page. I wish I can download it.

Unknown said...

Try this link instead:
It seems that dropbox can't be trusted :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Robert, I tried the new link, downloaded and imported of the emoticons were a great success!! Thanks for sharing ur huge library of emoticons, makes Sametime chats more fun now!!!

Unknown said...

My pleasure

Unknown said...

TQVM Robert

Parag said...

Thanks Robert! :)