Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TDI for IBM Connections: Default tdiserver Will Not Launch

I had this issue today when installing and setting up TDI for IBM Connections with the TDISOL shipped with Connections.

The Default server just would not start. When I tried running my assembly line, the error message was:
CTGDIC027E: Connection to the server Default.tdiserver could not be obtained

Looking at the console when trying to fire up the defaul server, the error was:

CTGDKD002E Invalid value specified for 'api.remote.naming.port' : '1099nullnullnull'

CusiousMitch gave me the solution to this. He ran into the same issue, luckily.

See CuriousMitch's blog here for the solution

So, in the TDISOL directory, open up, find the "api.remote.naming.port" variable and correct it to just having the value of "1099"


Mitch Cohen said...

Glad you found my post, and that it helped, that one puzzled me too when I first ran in to it

Unknown said...

I'm glad aswell :-) This was a huge head scratcher. Do you know the cause of the "nullnull" isse?