Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Discovery: @mentions fail when using Norwegian Keyboard layout in Connections 4 CR2

I followed @stuartmcintyre´s blog posting on how to enable the @mentions in IBM Connections 4 CR2.

Tested this out on my Mac in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Every browser worked just fine.

But the customer complained about the fact that it did not work in Windows 7.
Only Firefox worked there, IE and chrome did not work 100%.

What happens in Chrome and IE is:
Typing in @ makes the @-character dissapear. But if we keep typing in "robert" for instance, the lookup works, kind of. It looks up all users that starts with "obert", so the R is omitted.
So by typing in "rrobert" it actually works, but still, you do not see the @ character.

I then tested this myself on the customer Connections site on a windows 7 virtual pc I have.
I could confirm that I had the same experience as the customer had.

I then created a PMR on the issue.

The PMR then asked me about testing this on the Greenhouse Connections site.
So I did, and I could see the exact same issues!!

This got me thinking. What´s different between my mac and a windows 7 computer? There has to be something locally on my computer that is doing it!

I then landed on the fact that the keyboard-layout on the windows computer is in Norwegian.

So I switched from "NO" keyboard layout to "US" keyboard layout, and it worked!! All browsers work. Both on Greenhouse and the Customers site. 

So this has to be a bug.

I will let you guys know what IBM Support says.

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Unknown said...

The PMR agreed, it´s a bug. They created this for it:

But CR3 is already closed, so a fix for this will be included in CR4... Might be a while before we get it fixed then.

Hopefully they will fix it in 4.5 aswell, but with only 10 days until release date, I doubt it.