Thursday, April 3, 2014

Connections 4.5 - Editing profile string problem - mindpuzzle

I tried following the guide on how to edit the property file strings for the profiles fields.
The label "Building" was suppose to change to the word "Location", but whatever I tried, following the wiki, did not work.
The wiki page is here btw

The wiki says that you should copy the from the file to the "customizationdir\strings" catalog.
And rename the file to ""

And then edit the file with the string changes you want.

This did not work. Having done this in 4.0, and it seems to be the same procedure in 4.5, it puzzled me why this just was not working.

So, after tons of restarts, updating the versionstamp, emptying caches and temp catalogs, calling a friend from another businesspartner to verify my procedure (Thanks Marius).... google proved once again to be my friend.


So it turns out, that this 4.0 technote also applies to the 4.5 version of Connections.

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