Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Connections 5 File Sync - how it works.

It´s not often I blog about "usage" stuff, but this one is from my internal company blog where I shared how this works for my colleagues:

Connections 5 has a FileSync Feature which enables you to take your important files in Connections and sync them to all of your devices.

On Windows, you need the Desktop Plugin.
On Mac, I have a beta Desktop Plugin.
On your smartphone, all you need is the Connections App.

Here´s how it works:

In Connections, mark a file as "syncable" by clicking the "More Actions" button and select "Add to sync"

Then, you can see this file in the "Sync" folder in the left-hand-side menu:

And on my Mac, through the Mac Desktop Beta plugin, I now have this:

On my iphone, I have this:
And on Windows, I have this:


Dave Hay said...

Hi Robert

Thanks for sharing. As you can imagine, I'm going to ask .... where did you get the Desktop Plugin for the Mac ?

Cheers, Dave

Unknown said...

Hi Dave. Sorry for not noticing your comment until now!

I got the desktop plugin for the Mac from the Mac Desktop Plugin Beta program, which is run by mr. Benitez :-)