Thursday, October 1, 2015

Integrating Sametime awareness into IBM Verse

The scenario is that you already have IBM Sametime as an on-prem installation, or you are using MeetingRite, and you want to use this server embedded into IBM Verse.

When following the guide for setting up awareness in IBM Verse, it´s IMPORTANT to know that the guide is flawed. Not only flawed, but also more complicating than needed. The setting exists in the SSC console, which means that editing a .xml file is redundant.

Here´s the guide (which consists of editing 2 xml files, and if you follow this, you will not get the awareness working.):!/SSPS94/hybrid/topics/cfg_preparing_for_scn_web_users_to_connect_to_on-premises_sametime_community.html

The error here is a "typo". The guide says that you must insert

Doing as the guide says, does nothing for you.

But if you insert
it will work.

So, capital L in "domainList" is very, very important.

Additionally, the guide says:
Note: The Sametime System Console is not used in this deployment.

What? Are there installations out there that does not use SSC?

Anyway, steps 1c), 1d) and 1e) is not needed, because Node Syncronization takes care of updating this second stproxyconfig.xml file.
So if you are following this guide, just do steps 1a), 1b) and 1f) + Syncronize the nodes.

But, the easiest way of doing this requires no xml-changes at all. You can do it all in the ST Proxy config in the SSC console.

-Click the Sametime Proxy servers:

-Open up the ST Proxy server:

-Scroll down to this, and insert your domainnames, for instance:,
-Shave and close.

Notice that I´m on the European server. Insert the address to the which you are using.
Possible servers are:

  • If you use the North America data center:
  • If you use the Asia Pacific data center:
  • If you use the European data center:

-Sync the nodes.
If you open up the stproxyconfig.xml file in a notepad now, you´ll see:

-Restart ST Proxy server.

And try the awareness in IBM Verse:
Log in with your Sametime credentials, and Voila:

Of course, you have to configure the Verse settings to use the ST proxy server before you try the awareness.
This is where you´ll set the address to your ST Proxy server:

Sorry about the norwegian language on the screenshot :-)

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