Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Connections reminder: Not having the nodeagents running while rolling out iFixes is a bad idea!

I had a PMR with IBM recently. Something broke in IBM Connections after the customer applied some iFixes.
The result was that Communities could not find a Cookie.js javascript and SystemOut.log was showing
AjaxFramework E net.jazz.ajax.internal.util.TraceSupport error lconn.core.util.Cookie: Unable to access any resource associated with lconn.core.util.Cookie

The reason this was happening was the fact that the nodeagent was stopped. Only the DMGR was running. And the updateWizard reported every iFix installation as a successful one!!

I asked IBM why the updateWizard did not check if such an important thing as the nodeAgent was running or not. The answer was that there were several Enhancment Requests to the updateWizard, so that it actually checks if the NodeAgent is running before proceeding with installing the iFixes.

So, in order to fix the situation, I had to launch the updateWizard and uninstall every iFix. Then sync the nodes.
And then I reapplied the iFixes, this time with the nodeAgent running. Connections was working fine after that.

So, as a reminder: When you install a CR fixpack, you can do this while the NodeAgent is shut down.
When installing iFixes, you do have to have the NodeAgent running.

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