Thursday, March 8, 2018

iOS 11 introduced ".HEIC" image format which you might have problems viewing. Here´s an IBM Connections iOS app workaround.

When iOS11 was introduced, Apple started using the .heic image format. (High Efficiency Image File Format)
When you share a photo from your iOS device into the IBM Connections app, it will upload as a .heic picture.

What other users then can´t do, is actually see this picture. Downloading it to a Mac is OK, but Windows does not support it, and watching .heic in a browser is also not working.

So, while we wait for IBM to fix a .heic ==> .jpg conversion for the IBM Connections app, here´s what you can do:

On your iOS device, navigate to Settings > Camera > Formats
   If “Most Compatible” is not checked, select i.
This will turn your iOS device into a jpg picture taking machine again.

If you also use BOX, then this is the way to go for the BOX app as well.

If you do need to watch a photo in .heic format, there are some converters out there.
Third party HEIC to JPG converter tool, like Joyoshare free HEIC converter, imazing HEIC converter, iMyfone and so on.
After saved as JPG format, you can view your photos from iOS 11 to any other devices easily.

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